Welcome to Elite
Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

Rhytmic gymnastic club “Elite” was founded in 2012, where more than 200 gymnasts are engaged. The club has professional trainers, where the main trainer of club is Kristina Rangelova – Europe Champion of 2003, World Champion of 2005, Olympic Bronze medalist from Athens-2004.

Now she is a qualified rhythmic gymnastics coach and judge of Elite Rhythmic Gymnastics club at Adamstown ETNS where she is bringing her knowledge and experience from elite competitive training and education.

  • The gymnasts of the club are prize-winners and winners of national and international tournaments.
  • The task of the club is to raise a new generation of healthy and successful children.
  • Develop in children the strength of will and sporting character.

Head Coach – Kristina Rangelova

Rhythmic gymnastics for children is the most beautiful and spectacular sport that has won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

Rhythmic gymnastics for children harmoniously combines plastic, pantomime, acrobatics, ballet movements. Artistic gymnastics is elegance and harmony, a conglomeration of art and sport.

Athletes involved in artistic gymnastics, are rightly considered the most graceful and feminine.

Why choose our gymnastic club?


Enrolment from four years old

Enrolment to club is conducted for girls from 4 years of age, in groups of different levels of training. Classes are held in small groups.

Participation in competition

All gymnasts from of our club take part in competitions at all levels – from internal, national and international.

Professional brand club uniform

The club has its own professional brand uniform which is both comfortable and elegant.

Unique coaches technique

The difference of our technique from many others is a guaranteed result, without harm to health.

Gymnastics develops smoothness of movements, flexibility, endurance, excellent coordination and ability to control yourself and your body.