About Us

Our Golden Girls

Elite is a wonderful world of rhythmic gymnastics, where beauty and grace rule.

We are constantly working to ensure that our club becomes better, and our girls – stronger. Our team travels to competitions and camps, coaches take exams for judges and attend advanced training seminars.

Our girls begin to perform at competitions at the initial training group.

Each child is given special attention and an individual approach. We help our educators to achieve success in sports and in achieving their goals. Succeed with us!

Classes are based on the constant maintenance of children’s interest in the implementation of all exercises. During training, children work with such rhythmic gymnastics subjects as a jump rope, a hoop, a ball at the initial level of preparation and with clubs and tape, becoming older.

Would you like to become one of us or just to get some new experience?

Join our club by calling this number: 0873869656 or visit us at our training times.