Our Programs

Each child at his age requires its own load, so we prepared four groups for development:

Beginners group

2 times per week / 1 hours per class – Club level
Training is conducted in the form of a game, the main goal is general physical training, development of coordination, sense of rhythm.
Lessons 2 hours a week.

Intermediate group

3 times per week / 2 hours per class – National Level
The program aims to develop the basic gymnastic skills of the child. Preparing children for competitions.
Lessons 6 hours a week.

Advanced group

4 times per week / 3 hours per class – International level
A group of intensive activities aimed at a sporting result. Individual sessions. Girls compete on a national and international level.
Lessons 12 hours a week.

Elite group

3 times per week / 5 hours per class – International level and (FIG National Squad)
Staging competitive programs. National Squad training.
Lessons 16 hours a week.

We make champions!

We develop an individual training program for each child and help each child achieve their goals.
Usually, the age of starting classes is at 4-5 years, but in some cases, admission is possible at an earlier age. You can attend a trial lesson and discuss the possibility of enrollment with a coach. The recruitment of children in groups is held all year round.